paint bucket mould maker

JNMOULD produce various of paint bucket moulds . The paint bucket’s shape, material, dimension and appearance are different.

Material: High quality or recycled PP, PE.

Shape: Round, Oval, Square, Rectangular…..

Dimension: From 1L to 30L, can be customized.

Appearance: different color, different design.

Cooling system: The perfect cooling structure voids the inconsistent cooling in different areas and ensures the balance of the thickness of the barrel surface. At the same time, rapid cooling can also reduce the injection cycle time.

Jnmould provides the best solution for the paint bucket mould according customer’s request, through adjusting the steel, cavity number, injection channel structure to make the efficient production. Jnmould also use lifter structure, so that the edge undercut of the paint bucket top can be ejected smoothly.

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Jinnuo Mould is professional in designing and making plastic chair mould, Such as plastic PC chair  mould, rattan chair mould , pp chair for our customer.

Through the summary of the production , we have a set of mature experience in gas-assisted technology, chair insert exchanging on machine , and chair stacking.

If you want to know more information about New design plastic chair mould, pls contact us.
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PC chair with gas assistance techonology

Recently, JNMOULD tested the gas assisted pc chair mould successfully once again.


JNMOULD is one of the specialist  in the pc chair mould with gas assistance technoloy in China. JNMOULD can supply the completely one set of the solution for the gas assisted pc chair mould, meanwhile, we can help you to select the correct gas assisted machine.

Firstly, we will ask the request for the pc chair and pc chair mould, then we will consider the plastic flow and gas assisted issue from mould design, We will show the complete analysis for the pc chair mould to the customer, and communicate with customers. JNMOULD will start the pc chair mould machning after confirm with customers.

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Auto bumper mould

With the development of society, consumers and car manufacturers have higher demanding on cars exterior looking ,
The car is used in fractal bumper to civilian popularization, so that the bumper mould manufacturing technology is more and more difficult.
JNMOULD has rational design in auto bumper mould. According to the product structure, the design of the inner mold parting deformation mechanism
Both sides to achieve the overall deformation of the product release.
Practice has proved that auto bumper mold injection using fractal inside the mold release mechanism flexible operation, is stable and reliable.

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Recently, we finished one set of plastic paint bucket mould .

The cover mould is 2 cavities.

The cooling system for paint bucket mould is complex job, we have to consider the cooling effective,  cooling uniformity.  The cooling allocation will influence the mould structure and mould size.

We analysed the this issued before paint bucket mould design. It apply water cooling into the each part of mould to shorten the cooling time, improve the mould production capacity, reduce the production cost of the plastic paint bucket mould.

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